better electricity with no monthly fees

Communication is key

Contact us to begin the process of reducing your energy budget. Send us your electric bill to expedite the process.

Lighter workload

Our experienced team assembles the lowest rates for your location, so you have a lighter workload and a brighter future!

Always proactive

We contact you before your agreement ends to capitalize on market trends to secure the lowest rate.


  • Yes! We work with many electric providers and can STILL get you a reduced electricity rate with your current provider.

    If you’d like to switch providers, we can help with that process too!

  • We have ZERO fees. Our business is supported by our relationships with the numerous electric providers.

    There are ZERO transactions between our clients and Ahcor Energy. Our energy solutions with our clients are FREE. We want your businesses to spend the least amount of money on electricity.

  • Electricity rates change EVERY DAY. There are numerous factors that explain why they change.

    Check out our ‘Electricity News’ tab for the latest information on electricity forecasting in Texas.

  • In the past few years, our clients have enjoyed very low rates: rates as low as the 30 cents per kWh! However, electricity rates in Texas are projected to significantly increase from 2018 until the Summer ’19 due to an increase in electric demand and a decrease in electric supply.

    Renewing several months before your contract ends is highly recommended since rates are projected to increase until Summer ’19. Being proactive and renewing early will reduce your electric bills by hundreds every year.

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